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Here is what the class is all about:


The NMLS urges you to stay ahead of your license renewal, 

Take a peak at what you will learn this year... this is vital content:

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This course covers the CORE SAFE Continuing Education Requirements for all Loan Officers.   Specifically, this course includes the required 3 Hours on Federal Law and Regulations, 2 Hours on Ethics, including instruction on fraud, consumer protection, and fair lending and 2 Hours on Nontraditional Mortgages.


·         An understanding of Identity theft rules including who must comply with the red flags rule, how to comply and how to administer a red Flags program.

·         An understanding of telemarketing and consumer fraud, the do not call registry, what calls are covered and exemptions for certain organizations

·         An understanding of advertising rules, record keeping requirements for advertisements and examples of how financial institutions may violate these rules

Federal Law

·         An understanding of what is the TILA-RESPA rule and TRID, what transactions are covered, disclosure requirements, tolerance limitations, changes that require re-disclosure, charges subject to zero tolerance.

·         Also have knowledge of Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure timing and delivery requirements, revision and correction requirements.

·         An insight into most common RegZ deficiencies

·         An understanding of RESPA and REG X requirements including Kickbacks and unearned fees, Penalties, Home ownership counseling requirements

·         An working knowledge of Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Fair lending including Prohibited basis for discrimination, disparate treatment, permissible acts, certain notices, and acceptable income in loan review.

·         An understanding of the Gramm-Leach Bliley act including privacy of consumer information, privacy notices and opt-out requirements

Non-Traditional Mortgages

·         An understanding of changes to FHA guidelines in 2020 and how they will effect 2021 originations

·         An understanding of the special rules put in place for COVID relief

·         A knowledge of alternative products, including rehabilitation,

·         Specialty Finance products including affordable housing programs.

We will help you understand everything you need to know and help you get ahead of the latest changes out of Washington that have a major permanent impact on this industry we are all so committed to.


TRID is an over 1,800 page rule that

You must now comply with in a major way...


Don't Get Under Trained. 

 8hr TRID Training will leaving you feeling good

about what is here to stay and impact your day to day.


Live Webinar  -  New Full Video Self Paced  -  Live In Person

The CFPB is making some changes and they have a much bigger impact on our entire industry than anyone ever imagined TRID would be. 
From the initial application to the closing and everything and everyone in-between, this new TRID rule will have a major affect.
For example, the 20hr PreLicensing textbook will have over 60 pages of additional information added to explain how all these new TRID items will be handled.

The Best 8hr CE You Can Get, Now Available in Three Great Formats

Brought to you by our partners at Mortgage (NMLS Provider 1400051)

Live Webinar

- training provided by Mortgage                 (nmls provider ID 1400051)

Watch a live feed of a live class... Live without waiting in traffic!


+ Participate and Ask Questions in Real Time

+ No Web Camera Needed

+ Get Your Continuing Education done in 1 day 

+ Breaks Throughout the day and lunch

+ No Procrastination 

+ Drink your own coffee


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Online Self-Paced


Self Paced CE

- training provided by Mortgage                 (nmls provider ID 1400051)


The ultimate convenience in online training, start and stop when you want to


+ Work completely around your schedule

+ Full Video of Class


+ Practical quizzes and checking of your understanding

+ Start at the office, finish at your house and everything in-between

This course satisfies the 8 hour continuing education requirement for Licensed Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) that do not require state specific education and also supplies MortgageCOMPLY compliance certificates.

The course is divided into 10 sections:

Section 1:  Uniform Residential Loan Application 
Section 2:  Home Mortgage Disclosure Act 
Section 3:  FCRA  
Section 4: DNCIA 
Section 5: TILA/TRID 
Section 6: Fraud 
Section 7: Red Flag Rules 
Section 8: Fair Lending 
Section 9: Anti Money Laundering 
Section 10: Qualified Mortgages/Ability to Repay  

Get your full hours for your National and State requirement in Online Self Paced or pick your National training via in Person or Live Webinar and combined it with a class found here:

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Live Classroom

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Join a class and meet others in the industry in your area face to face... Live!


+ Participate and Ask Questions Live

+ Get Your Continuing Education done in 1 day 

+ Breaks Throughout the day and lunch

+ No Procrastination 

+ Drink good hotel coffee

+ NO TEST, Case Study Only

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An Alliance to Best Serve the Mortgage Industry



The economy has gone through many changes in the last 20 years; in the last 5 years, the mortgage industry even more so. New rules and regulations that are in place have fundamentally transformed how loan officers get and maintain licensure, how mortgage applications are taken, how loans are closed and so much more. 

Abacus Mortgage Training and Education actually started out as MoneyNet Mortgage Planning Services in the 80s and continued to originate mortgage loans into the late 2000s. Founder Paul Donohue's main focus and philosophy was building "customers for life" through honesty, integrity, and professionalism; helping make the dream of homeownership possible for tens of thousands of families. During this time, Paul and his team at Abacus were also committed to delivering ground breaking mortgage training and education across the country to tens of thousands of individuals and companies large and small, as an NMLS approved education provider. Francis Donohue has been the National Sales Director at Abacus for over 10 years and has continued to help mortgage companies and loan originators nationwide reach their goal of mortgage excellence. 

In the last 5 years Abacus has evolved as well. We continue to evolve how we help train the industry and Francis Donohue is now the new President of Abacus and is ready to help you navigate through your mortgage training goals and requirements. Francis has an extremely clear and unique hands-on upbeat approach to helping you understand the entire licensing process, preparing for the exams, and or getting set up with a class to renew your individual or entire company license.

When you call or email, one of highly knowledgeable Abacus's team members will help you get started fast.. or Francis might just answer the phone, he may not always be available to speak immediately; however, he loves to provide personalized solutions for each person he talks to and would be happy to spend that time speaking with you. 

We have also recently partnered with NMLS approved education provider Mortgage (nmls id 1400051) to help bring you the very best training possible and at an extremely affordable price.

Mortgage was also founded on the same principles of honor and excellence and hence why we are a natural fit to assist you together in your education experience. 

All NMLS approved PreLicensing Courses are fully licensed and approved by Mortgage (nmls id 1400051)




Because many of our clients have expressed confusion over phone calls and emails they have received, we wanted to make sure you were updated on an important change with Abacus Mortgage Training.
Abacus Mortgage Training has been built on a foundation of making sure our clients always get the best education available, at the best possible price. This is why we make sure to partner with Education providers that we feel can best meet the needs of you, our valued customers.

Previously, we were affiliated with Diehl and Associates, out of Indianapolis, Indiana. This is no longer the case. We have ended the relationship with Diehl and Associates, and are now affiliated with Mortgage We know that Mortgage is the right choice for our customers, as they are one of the few NMLS approved providers that have every state required course, both CE and PE, in the formats our customers want. In addition, they are extremely affordable, especially with our specially negotiated discounts.
At Abacus, we have always held Integrity, Professionalism and a quality Education Experience as our central mission at the most competitive price. Mortgage is the right provider to meet those goals.

The Team at Abacus Mortgage Training is here to help, now in our 16th year, with making sure you get the right training for a great price... and this is really great material in these courses provided by our new Partners at Mortgage (nmls id 1400051)

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