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Principles-Based ~ Complex content made meaningful with historical perspective and hands-on case study. 
You'll get the "Why To" as well as the "How To"

You are here because you are thinking about Getting Your Mortgage License and we can help! 

There are several different ways you can begin your 20hr PreLicensing training.

We do have a solution we recommend for In Person Live Training that takes place a few times a year in NC and other cities around the country; however, Abacus specializes in explaining and helping you understand how to achieve your mortgage license through either Live Webinar or Online Instructor Led Training. 

After training tens of thousands of students over the years, we at Abacus would definitely suggest the high energy 20hr Education from our new partners at Mortgage Education.

To Jump ahead to a Select Your State and Class simply click on the map or read on below. 


These courses are brand new and second to none. They are a really great way to get the PreLicensing training and you can ask questions and participate in the course in real time with a real instructor who has trained thousands of students across the country.

Our repeat lender clients say that it is the best training in the industry.

You will get a digital PDF of the book in advance and can use it as long as you would like.

For your specific licensing requirements, please click here.

There are a lot of ways to succeed depending on your learning style, so I apologize for what might seem like info overload here, so if you just want the calendar of course options simply scroll down; but, the following basically spells out everything you will need to do to get licensed. 

These classes are excellent and will get you started on the right track so you can be assured you will know everything you need to know and be prepared to ACE those exams on the first try.


You will need to get a minimum of 20hrs or more training depending on your state, then when you are ready you will take the 
125 question National with Uniform State Exam and possibly a state test pending on where you are getting licensed. (A passing score is 75%) 

Click Here
for information about the 50 State Licensing Requirements.

Get your mortgage license now from our partners at Mortgage

NMLS ID # 1400051

StartFAST ® Training Program includes:

  • 20hr PreLicensing Training with NMLS reporting
  • 500 page Digital Textbook
  • National Test Prep Study Guide with over 1,300 Practice Exam Questions

These classes will help prepare you for the new 125 question National and Uniform State Test and there are brand new study guides available that you can practice from as many times as you would like until you feel comfortable with the material before you take the exam.

This package delivers the best training courses and test prep in the industry at excellent bundled price.

Click here to choose the course option that is best for your state requirements 

Online Instructor Led 20 Hour Course

- training provided by Mortgage                 (nmls provider ID 1400051)

  • 20 Hour Course in a flexible online format 
  • Comes with everything you need to complete the class around your schedule

The class is comprised of 6 or more modules or chapters you must complete for the 20hr national course; however, you can pick when you take each class from the calendar to the right.

You don't have to pick when you start the 20hrs, you will simply have an open ended timeframe to complete each chapter a-la-cart.

This is perfect for people who currently have a full time job and need to pick and choose which hours to complete when.

Some states require additional training hours for licensure and this will be included in your PreLicensing training when you click on your state.

 Course Calendar Options to Complete Your 6 Individual Chapters

Training that are between 2-4hr long each with video, audio, reading, quizzes, powerpoints and a PDF book

Any day and time you want to login anytime 24/7 for a full 14 Day Period you can do 1 full chapter without blinking or do 15 mins here and there throughout the day until you have the full chapter completed.

Once you get all 6 done you are done with the full 20hr SAFE class requirement and it is time to start studying for the exam.

This essentially gives you the maximum flexibility so you take the courses on your own time.

                                      Get Started Here

National Test Prep

  • 1,300+ questions to prepare you for the National exam with UST
    • Includes questions pooled by topic to determine your strengths as well as exam simulations

    • 3 Practice Exams with 125 Questions on the National Exam
      • Comprehensive Coursework that follows the national exam outline
      • Federal Law Intensive that focuses on the hardest part of the national exam
      • Unlimited practice tests from our database of over 1,300 questions!
      • Hundreds of pages of materials well-organized into over 40 lessons
      • Each question has explanations and links to the section where you can learn more about the answer!

20 Hour Webinar

- training provided by                 (nmls provider ID 1400051)

  • Price includes all of the following:
    • Unlimited Q&A with the instructor
    • A 500 page electronic manual including a glossary of key terms
    • Electronic PDFs of the class PowerPoint in a notes format for easy review
    • $30 NMLS fee
+ Live instructor, Participate in the training in real time
Ask Questions, Full Audio and Video,
Complete the course fast!

We understand that this may seem like a lot of confusing information, especially if you are new to the business as so many are. We will gladly explain these options in great detail over the phone or via email so you can pick the best choice for your learning style and experience level.


An Alliance to Better Serve the Mortgage Industry

The economy has gone through many changes in the last 20 years; in the last 5 years, the mortgage industry even more so. New rules and regulations that are in place have fundamentally transformed how loan officers get and maintain licensure, how mortgage applications are taken, how loans are closed and so much more. 

Abacus Mortgage Training and Education actually started out as MoneyNet Mortgage Planning Services in the 80s and continued to originate mortgage loans into the late 2000s. Founder Paul Donohue's main focus and philosophy was building "customers for life" through honesty, integrity, and professionalism; helping make the dream of homeownership possible for tens of thousands of families. During this time, Paul and his team at Abacus were also committed to delivering ground breaking mortgage training and education across the country to tens of thousands of individuals and companies large and small, as an NMLS approved education provider. Francis Donohue has been the National Sales Director at Abacus for over 10 years and has continued to help mortgage companies and loan originators nationwide reach their goal of mortgage excellence. 

In the last 5years Abacus has evolved as well. We continue to evolve how we help train the industry and Francis Donohue is now the new President of Abacus and is ready to help you navigate through your mortgage training goals and requirements. Francis has an extremely clear and unique hands-on upbeat approach to helping you understand the entire licensing process, preparing for the exams, and or getting set up with a class to renew your individual or entire company license.

When you call or email, one of highly knowledgeable Abacus's team members will help you get started fast.. or Francis might just answer the phone, he may not always be available to speak immediately; however, he loves to provide personalized solutions for each person he talks to and would be happy to spend that time speaking with you. 

We have also recently partnered with NMLS approved education provider (nmls id 1400051) to help bring you the very best training possible and at an extremely affordable price. was also founded on the same principles of honor and excellence and hence why we are a natural fit to assist you together in your education experience. 

All NMLS approved PreLicensing Courses are fully licensed and approved by (nmls id 1400051)



Because many of our clients have expressed confusion over phone calls and emails they have received, we wanted to make sure you were updated on an important change with Abacus Mortgage Training.
Abacus Mortgage Training has been built on a foundation of making sure our clients always get the best education available, at the best possible price. This is why we make sure to partner with Education providers that we feel can best meet the needs of you, our valued customers.

Previously, we were affiliated with Diehl and Associates, out of Indianapolis, Indiana. This is no longer the case. We have ended the relationship with Diehl and Associates, and are now affiliated with Mortgage We know that Mortgage is the right choice for our customers, as they are one of the few NMLS approved providers that have every state required course, both CE and PE, in the formats our customers want. In addition, they are extremely affordable, especially with our specially negotiated discounts.
At Abacus, we have always held Integrity, Professionalism and a quality Education Experience as our central mission at the most competitive price. Mortgage is the right provider to meet those goals.

The Team at Abacus Mortgage Training is here to help, now in our 16th year, with making sure you get the right training for a great price... and this is really great material in these courses provided by our new Partners at Mortgage (nmls id 1400051)


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